Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thank God for the Day

I thank God for all he is doing in my life today. Though I may not understand, I know he wants what's best for me and my loved ones. I am praying for his direction, and trust him to lead me in the way he wants me to go. I ask him for his cleansing power, and healing touch in all aspects of my being. As I walk by faith, I pray he blesses my loved ones, and uses me to encourage someone every day. Thank you Lord for answered prayer.


  1. I thank God for this beautiful, and shiny day! We had not seen the sun for many weeks! How good is the sunshine! It adds energy to my body, and to my soul, to my spirit. It adds joy to my life! I thank God for this beautiful day!

    I thank God for my Sister in Christ, Anne! For her heart for our Lord, Jesus Christ! For his sweetness, and tender heart, for being my friend!

    I thank God for my husband, as he works so hard for God's sake, and our family sake. I thank God for the enthusiasm He gives him to do His work, I thank God for my husband wants to take us hiking, and to eat to a restaurant, as soon as he gets back home, regardless how tired he is!

    I thank God for my kids! My beautiful kids! Sometimes is hard to train them, but God commands me to keep doing the good work in them! He gives me the direction, the wisdom to keep their hearts away from the worldly system. Please, Lord, give me the strenght, and everything I need to be the kind of woman, wife, mom, and friend you want me to be!

    I thank God for giving me the chance to calle my mom this morning. How blessed I feel everytime I can hear her voice. I thank God for my dad. I could not talk to him, but I know he was, and is working for your reign.

    I thank God for my salvation! For my precious Saviour!

    In the sweetest name of Jesus Christ. Amen!


  2. Dear Anne!

    How great invitation you sent me! I praise the Lord, for this idea in your heart!

    If you don't mind, could you share with me, what prayer the Lord answered you? You don't have to do that if you don't want. I will understand very well.

    If you want to post it here, or sending it to my e-mail.

    We are getting ready to go hiking soon, but things need to be done before leaving.

    I will be around.

    Love you. Have a blessed Saturday!


  3. I thank God for His divine & powerful Book to guide my life in His merciful and powerful love: THE KJV HOLY BIBLE. What an AWESOME BOOK!!!

    I love YOUR Words, my dear & loved LORD, JESUS CHRIST!!! Blessed be Your HOLY Name!!!



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